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CIBIL Score Check Free online by PAN Number

    Today we will know in this article that CIBIL Score Check Free online by PAN Number for absolutely free, we will tell you how to check cibil score, with the help of which you will be able to download your cibil score report with the help of your pan card number only.

    Whenever we go to any bank to take a loan or apply for a credit card, the bank asks us for our CIBIL score and also asks for a copy of the CIBIL Score report, so let’s know how you can get a CIBIL score. Will download the report.

    CIBIL Score Check Free online by PAN Number

    If you have ever tried to check your civil score online, then you must have gone where to pay for it. But in this way mentioned by us, you can check your CIBIL score absolutely free.

    CIBIL Score Check Free online by PAN Number

    cibil score checks free online by pan number Yes, for this you will only need your PAN card number and your mobile number.

    So let us know what is the step-by-step process to do a CIBIL Score Check Free online by PAN Number.

    • STEP 1: First of all go to the website

    To check your online CIBIL score for free, first, you have to open this website on your mobile/computer. And click on Get Free Cibil Score Report. 

    free cibil score

    Now the option of Create your account will come in which you have to enter your personal information like –

    • e-mail id 
    • Create a password to login 
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • ID Type > PAN Card
    • PAN number
    • date of birth 
    • Pin Code
    • mobile number 

    After entering all the details click on Accept & Continue. 

    CIBIL Score Check Free online by PAN Number
    • STEP: Now Verify with OTP

    After this, an OTP will come on the email id you entered for verification, it has to be entered. And click on the Continue button. (Note! The OTP message will be found in the Promotions tab named CIBIL REPORTS)

    how to calculate cibil score
    • STEP 4: Others fill the below-mentioned information

    After this you will be asked whether you are using public wifi or using your own mobile data, if I am using mobile data here, then I will click on the option of YES and if I use public WiFi If I am doing then I will click on No. 

    check cibil score by pan card
    • STEP 5: Click on Go To Dashboard.

    Next, you have successfully enrolled. That means your account has been created. Now you have to click on the Go To Dashboard button. 

    cibil score check online free
    • STEP 6: Print the CIBIL Score Report.

    Now the credit report page will open in which your CIBIL SCORE will be written on the top. Along with this, you can download the report by clicking on the button for a print report. 

    Apart from this, you can also get complete details related to your loan. So that you can know which loan is active with your PAN number and for how long you have to pay its installments. You can learn much more from here. For this, you get these options-

    • Personal Information
    • Contact Information
    • Employment Information
    • Account Information
    • Inquiry Information
    cibil score report pdf download free


    Q.1 How I check my CIBIL score?

    Ans: To check the CIBIL score from mobile, you can follow this step-by-step process –
    STEP 1: First of all go to the website
    STEP 2: Now click on Get Free Cibil Score Repor.
    STEP 3: Then you have to enter your personal information.
    STEP 4: Enter the OTP received on the e-mail.
    STEP 5: Click on Go To Dashboard.
    STEP 6: Now you will see the CIBIL score.

    Q.2 Which app gives the correct CIBIL score?

    Ans: If you want to check the exact and accurate CIBIL score for free then you can click here

    Q.3 What is the minimum CIBIL score for personal loan?

    Ans: It is very important to have a good CIBIL score for personal loan approval. like –
    If we talk about the calculation of CIBIL score it is done in the interval from 300 to 900, if you have ever taken a loan/credit card before and honestly deposited all the installments on time.
    So in such a situation, your cibil score will be above 750 which should also be there. In this way, you will get a loan easily.
    But if you had ever taken a loan / credit card before and did not deposit its installment and interest on time or you have been declared a defaulter.
    So in such a situation, your CIBIL score will be very low. And no bank will give you the loan.

    Q.4 How to check the CIBIL of a bank account?

    Ans: To check your CIBIL score through your PAN card, visit and follow the step-by-step procedure we have given.

    Q.5 What is the difference between credit score and CIBIL score?

    Ans: Credit score and CIBIL score both are the same. A credit score or CIBIL score in the finance sector is a number ranging from 300 to 900, which tells how an individual is performing in the field of banking. What is the status of all the loans taken by an individual? Which loan was taken and how much amount is yet to be deposited?


    We told you in this article that CIBIL Score Check Free online by PAN Number Because we need a CIBIL score to take credit cards and take various types of loans.

    On the basis of cibil score, it is decided how much loan is to be given to the applicant or how much credit card limit is to be kept. The cibil score shows whether the applicant is eligible to take a loan/credit card.

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