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Nothing Phone 1 Launch Date | Nothing phone 1 specifications and price

    Nothing phone 1 specifications and price

    Recently, the company is also going to launch its first smartphone called Nothing Phone One, this will be the company’s second product because earlier the company had launched earbuds.

    So we will know about nothing phone 1 specifications and price in this article. It is believed that this phone will compete with the VIP category phones.

    Nothing phone 1

    Very big news came out from the nothing event on 23 March, that is that the company can launch its phone inside the market in Summer 2022 this year. During the nothing event, the company’s CEO and co-founder Carl Pei put it in front of everyone.

    Nothing phone 1 specifications and price

    Processor: On the other hand, if we talk about the specification of phone 1, then the biggest piece of information that has come out so far is that this phone will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

    Operating system: The biggest feature of this phone is that there is nothing OS inside this phone i.e. the operating system you will get will be specially designed by the company. This is what makes this phone the most unique.

    During this event, screenshots of the looks of the phone 1 were also seen and a glimpse of some UI user interface was also seen.

    About nothing phone company 

    Nothing Company which is based in London is a consumer tech company, the CEO and Founder of this company is Carl Pei. Initially, the company launched its first product Ear Buds. Nothing Product list

    1. Ear Buds
    2. Nothing phone 1 (Coming Soon)



    What is the Nothing Phone 1 Launch Date?

    Coming Summer 2022

    What is Nothing phone 1  website?

    nothing phone’s website is

    Nothing phone 1 which country?



    In this article, you learned about nothing phone 1 specifications and price as well as what is nothing phone 1 launch date. Apart from this, some special information came out about this phone, which makes this phone the most special, etc. To know about everyone.

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